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Doctor delayed by maternity ward door, child suffers birth injuries

Labor is often an intense experience for women. However, many women in Chicago trust that they are in good hands when they are ready to greet their new babies into the world. Before women deliver their babies, they have the opportunity to get to know their doctors better during prenatal appointments, and they also have the opportunity to discuss what may happen during labor and birth and how certain situations may be handled.

Unfortunately, even when women have no worries about their doctors' abilities when it comes to safely delivering their babies, mistakes may still be made during the birthing process when hospitals do not have proper procedures and policies in place to prevent such mistakes. Even something as simple as not having a proper policy in place to make sure doctors have quick access to maternity wards during emergencies can result in devastating outcomes for new mothers and their babies.

In 1998, one mother began experiencing complications during labor that required hospital staff to issue an emergency alert. During birth, the baby's body became stuck, causing the mother to experience complications when trying to deliver her baby. For 10 minutes, the baby's body was stuck inside her mother, which put severe stress on the baby. The baby stopped breathing and a doctor was called to help revive the baby after she was delivered. Although the child was in severe danger, a doctor did not arrive until 15 minutes later.

The doctor was delayed because he had to wait for someone to let him into the maternity ward. The doctor did not have access to the maternity ward, and no one was around to let him in right away. The child suffered severe and permanent injuries because she was not revived as quickly as she should have been.

This incident happened in the United Kingdom. Even though the incident happened more than 10 years ago, the birth injury victim was not awarded full compensation for long-term care and medical expenses until last month. The child will now receive about $5 million for her injuries and long-term care.

Source: The Telegraph, "Baby left brain damaged after doctor 'delayed by security door,'" Hayley Dixon, March 19, 2013

  • Our firm provides counsel to patients and families who have suffered birth injuries as a result of medical malpractice. To learn more about protecting medical negligence victims' rights, please visit our Chicago birth injury attorney page.

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