Birth Injuries, Cerebral PalsyCerebral palsy is not a particular disease but is a term used to describe brain damage in babies found at birth or shortly thereafter. Many times cerebral palsy is due to genetic abnormalities or unavoidable injuries that occur during pregnancy but well before the onset of labor. However, about one third of cerebral palsy is caused by not enough oxygen getting to the baby during the labor process. It is negligent when nurses or doctors don’t recognize in time that a baby is in trouble, or don’t remove the baby promptly (usually by Caesarian section). Sometimes negligence happens when the medications used to increase contractions is used wrongly and deprives the baby of oxygen.

Our experienced Chicago cerebral palsy lawyers have represented parents of children with cerebral palsy in medical malpractice lawsuits based on all types of physician error.

In many cases, we have discovered that doctors have attempted to hide the cause of injury, indicating to the parents that a number of different causes were to blame. For instance, they might relate that the injury occurred long before the onset of labor, that there was an infection in the amniotic sac, the baby was genetically predisposed to the disability, or some other factor besides medical malpractice caused the birth injury.

In many of those medical malpractice cases, because our physician-lawyers are well versed in all the causes of cerebral palsy, we have been able to ferret out what actually happened. This has allowed us to demonstrate to the jury that they should hold the proper medical practitioners responsible for the child’s disabling brain injury. If a child you know has cerebral palsy, contact our office at (312) 346-8700 today to discuss the matter with one of our doctor attorneys. We can obtain medical records and assess the facts of the case even if the child is no longer an infant.

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